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Helium Leak Testing to Pinpoint Leaks!

Our Helium Leak Detection Team can pinpoint the smallest of leaks!!

Mass spectrometer leak testing techniques allow leak detection capabilities to a level of 1 X 10-11with graphic recording for historical data retrieval.


  • Machine Parts & Fittings
  • Pharmaceutical[ovens, chambers, freezers & incubators]
  • Packaging
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers—Main Steam
  • Tubing[Hydraulic—Water—Gas]
  • Boilers/Tanks/Vessels
  • Pipe[Fittings-Valves-Below Grade-NonMetallic-Metallic]
  • E-BeamWelded Parts and Fittings
  • Solar PanelProcess Chamber

Testing can be performed at our facility or yours. Our testing equipment is portable and can be shipped anywhere in the world. With our Field Engineers and Support Technicians we can support your needs in a prompt and professional manner to meet the most aggressive schedules.

Helium Leak Testing of Refrigeration System
Helium Leak Testing of Refrigeration System
Helium Leak Detection
Sample of Helium Leak Test Graph